Top Four Things to Look for in a Senior Living Home

May 12, 2023

The time has come to move into a senior living home. Maybe the maintenance of your home has become too difficult. Maybe your children live out of state, and you want to stay connected to your community. Whatever your reason is, it is time to make a decision. With so many places to choose from, what should you look for? Luxury homes, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living, offer special services that many homes do not.

Who hasn’t entered a contract only to find hidden fees, increased care level rates, and decreased services? As adults age in place, their care needs may change. As this happens, many communities will increase the care level rate. A flat rate may not include all the services advertised. Does Mom want help with her laundry or meals brought to her room? There is an added fee. Beacon Crest staff explains all services, and the rate remains the same.
This is not your mother’s bingo. It is important to have a variety of daily activities that balance cognitive skills with physical movement. Crafting, trivia games, exercise opportunities, and shopping trips are just a few options available. Each month there is a community party where family and friends can join in the festivities. A few examples from past events include a 1950s Sock Hop, Summer Carnival, Mother’s Day Tea, and a multitude of holiday parties.
A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society compared the quality of life between residents of a traditional nursing home and residents of a 10-person senior living home. They studied eleven various aspects. Topics included quality of life, self-reported health, and emotional well-being. Residents have shared that living at Beacon Crest Senior Living feels like being at home with a tight-knit community of friends and caregivers.  
Who wants to eat in a cafeteria? Long tables with generic food can feel uninspiring. We strongly recommend you try the food before choosing a senior living home. Nutrition is one of the foremost tools in a healthy lifestyle. At Beacon Crest, our chefs are culinary-trained, the dining room has intimate tables to share meals with your friends, and a private room is available for special occasions with your family.
Picture of Amber Sorgato
Amber Sorgato