Four Ways to Stay Warm in Winter Weather

February 25, 2023

That winter weather is hitting hard. Cold temperatures can negatively affect physical health and emotional well-being. While there are ways to keep the positive feelings flowing, it is imperative to stay warm in the cold weather for your health. When you live at a senior living home, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living, the staff prioritizes residents are cared for and protected from the elements. Do you still need some ideas for staying warm? We have compiled a short list of ideas below.

You can never wear too many layers when going outside to run errands or visit friends. If you get warm, you can remove a scarf or your gloves. It is better to layer up than to not have enough protection from the elements. Make sure to check the weather forecast. Is there a storm blowing in? Are temperatures due to drop during your outing? Keep your hat on. Did you know the majority of heat loss occurs through the head? If your clothes get wet, you should change into dry clothes. With a bit of planning, you can stay active in the winter while taking care of your health.
Did you know there are precautions to take while staying inside during the winter? The first recommendation is to winterize your windows. Make sure cold air is not sneaking through the window and door frames. If there are rooms that are seldom used, close the vents to minimize the amount of cold air permeating into the space. Are you planning on relaxing on the couch? Make sure to wear cozy socks and place a blanket over your legs. Extra layers can be worn inside just as they can for traveling outside. There are no worries when facing winter woes as long as you keep warm.
While you know to hydrate during the warm months, did you know it is necessary all year round? When the heater is on, it can create a dry atmosphere. This dry air can cause dehydration. While braving the winter weather, the energy exerted can also contribute to a lack of hydration. What about nutrition? Nutrition is always important to keep the body supported. Healthy nutrition can help you keep your weight up, and exercising will help maintain muscle mass. Both of these will help you stay warm during the winter months.
Are you going to drive somewhere? Wear slip-proof boots to help you navigate icy sidewalks. Winterize your car by checking the windshield wipers, antifreeze, and tires before the season changes. Make sure to bring your cell phone and keep a first aid kit in the car. It never hurts to keep an extra blanket in the back seat, a flashlight in the glove compartment, and a bag of salt in the trunk. If you get stuck, you will have a way to keep warm, light to see, and salt to dissolve the potential ice and snow. If this sounds like a lot to manage, consider the benefits of moving into a senior living home. At Beacon Crest Senior Living, we plan trips for your convenience. You can sit back, relax, and let the staff manage the details.
Picture of Amber Sorgato
Amber Sorgato