Four Ways to Stay Healthy While Enjoying the Holiday Season

November 5, 2022

The holiday season is here! Are you ready? Whether it be family gatherings, shopping excursions with friends, or holiday events in cold weather, the season has the potential to create health challenges. How can you protect yourself? You do not want to miss out on the festive fun, but you do not want to sacrifice your health. When you live in a senior living home, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living, events are organized with your health in mind. They hold activities and special parties within the community. Bus trips are organized with cozy blankets to keep you warm while attending outside events. If you have not moved into a senior living home, how should you navigate this time of year? We have compiled a few tips to help keep you healthy while enjoying the holiday season.

It is recommended for older adults to consume six to eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid each day. While we know water is good for us, it can be tricky to incorporate this into our daily mealtimes. Foods such as vegetables and fruits can also aid in supporting hydration. Did you know that nutritionally dense meals can boost the immune system? Not only are healthy foods delicious, but they help support an active lifestyle. While enjoying the holiday treats, do not forget to balance your dessert choices with a healthy meal and plenty of water.  Beacon Crest Senior Living offers gourmet meals prepared by culinary chefs.  Senior communities support a nutritious diet without the worries of food preparation.
Do not forget to take a nap. Holiday events can be exhausting. Spending time with family is exciting, but the extra preparations, different personalities, and event schedules can wear you out. If you know you will be attending an event that may go late into the evening, take a nap. If you had a busy week filled with shopping, decorating, and food preparations, sleep in on Saturday morning. You know your body better than anyone and can feel it when you are burning the candle at both ends. Self-care is necessary throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season. The National Institute on Aging recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for older adults. Make sure you take time to recharge so you can enjoy the group festivities.   
During the holiday season, the days can be so busy. It is easy to let your exercise regime slip. Why is it vital to maintain your schedule? Both the brain and the body benefit from exercise. Did you know adding gentle exercise into your day can help boost your endorphin levels? The release of endorphins can encourage relaxation and increase feelings of joy. Other positive effects of exercise are increased mobility in older adults, flexibility, and muscle strengthening. When you take care of your body, it will allow you to enjoy those holiday activities with your family and friends.
Many families find the financial stress of the holidays takes a toll on their fun. For older adults, the stress of limited income mixed with increased expenses can create a tense environment. Why not spend this holiday investing in experiences and time together? Maybe spend the day decorating cookies together while sharing stories of your grandparents instead of rushing out to the store to buy another gift. What about organizing a decoration party? You can invest in craft supplies and create new ornaments together. Not only is there a gift to take home, but the memories of spending time together. Do not worry if you cannot budget for the latest computer game this season. Decades from now, your family will not remember which gift you bought them, but they will absolutely remember the time spent together making quality memories.
Picture of Amber Sorgato
Amber Sorgato