Four Ideas for Holiday Gifts When Older Adults Cannot Go Shopping

January 10, 2023

It is that time of year again. Many holidays occur in December. Older adults can struggle with giving gifts when limited by transportation. The cold weather can be another factor that prevents long shopping days. Many have found that the gift of time together can leave a lasting impression more than any wrapped gift. Senior living homes, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living, hold events and activities to help older adults celebrate the month of December with their families. Whether it be making gifts, shopping online, or creating memorable treasures, we have compiled a list of alternate possibilities for in-person shopping.  

Older adults have found shopping online to be easier in some ways and challenging in others. The pros of shopping online are avoiding crowds, staying out of the cold weather, and decreasing the difficulties of navigating long days of carrying packages. While some thrive shopping in stores, others prefer the ease of shopping online. The cons of online shopping include a higher risk for fraud, finding reputable companies, and dealing with shipping delays. If you prefer to shop online with few worries, here is an online shopping guide to help.  
Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift to give your loved one? Why not make it? Crafting from the heart often produces a gift more meaningful than a store-bought gift. While trends may come and go, that stocking that grandma made or the wood ornament from your grandparents creates memorable treasures. New to crafting? Remember that it is not the quality of the presentation but the thought behind it. Still not sure what to make? Here are a few ideas for crafts for giving.
Many older adults miss the days of letter writing, card giving, and sending postcards. If you are not comfortable shopping online and do not enjoy crafting, you can write a letter to your loved ones. What to include in your writing? Have you considered your favorite poem? What is your favorite memory with your family? Is there a piece of wisdom you would like to share with the younger generation? Include your thoughts, feelings, memories, and favorite quotes in your letter. Are you still wondering what to include in your letter? Here are a few more ideas on the lost art of letter writing.  
A memory book can be anything from a scrapbook to a journal to a book filled with your favorite quotes. If you were writing a letter and realized you have more things to share than what can comfortably fit into an envelope, make it into a book. When creating memories for your family, why not create an heirloom that generations can share? Your great-grandchildren’s children will have the opportunity to know you, your experiences, and your inspired thoughts. Online companies will publish the book for you and ship it directly to your family member. Are you uncomfortable creating this online? You can use some scrap paper, add your illustrations and make your scrapbook. Senior living homes, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living, hold crafting activities for older adults to spend time together while making gifts. Here are a few more ideas.
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