Four Fun Ideas to Celebrate January

January 20, 2023

The holidays have come and gone, and it is mid-January. Valentine’s Day is not for another month. What can you do to celebrate this time of the year? The fun does not have to stop with the holiday season. Senior living homes, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living, host events all year long. In addition, there are daily activities available for residents when they feel like joining their friends for a game, exercise class, or crafting hour. We have compiled ideas of how you can celebrate this time of year.

Do not worry! This idea does not entail a trip outside in the winter snow. Ask your friends to visit for an afternoon. Light a fire, bring out cozy blankets, make hot cocoa, and serve winter comfort foods like soup or grilled cheese sandwiches. You can enjoy time with your friends and celebrate winter while staying warm and cozy.
Hosting a game night with your family and friends can bring joy into everyone’s January. You might be missing the time spent with your family already. Why not invite them back to your home and play a board game? Do your friends live far away? You can organize a time to meet online on a platform like Zoom and play a virtual game together. Who knows? A successful game night could begin a monthly gathering with friends and family.
Who doesn’t love a good hockey game in the winter? Truth be told, many look forward to the snacks, hot dogs, and popcorn at the stadium just as much as the game. Why not have both? You can find an upcoming hockey game. Invite your friends over and turn on the television. While the hockey game plays in the background, you can snack on your favorite foods and enjoy time together.  
January is the perfect time to start that book club you have always wanted to attend. There are genres like cozy mysteries, think something similar to Murder She Wrote, that you can choose for your first read. Each member can choose a book for a month of the year and enjoy a different genre each month. Some popular book genres include historical romance, friendship, coming-of-age, fantasy, classics, and science fiction. The possibilities are endless. Once again, you can make snacks and host an afternoon filled with literature, great conversation, and fun! Whichever event you choose, you can always supplement with a trip to your local senior living home, such as Beacon Crest Senior Living.
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Amber Sorgato